825 Carillon Drive
Bartlett, Illinois 60103

Gigi Walker
Chief Executive Officer

A Message Regarding COVID-19




(Effective Monday, September 21, 2020)

We are very excited to open the Independent Living portion of the campus further.  Starting  today, you will be able to have your guests visit you in your apartment.  Visitors cannot be in the commons, the courtyard, the chapel or the dining room – only in your apartment.  As always, there will be important guidelines to follow as we remain vigilant to be on the offense against COVID-19.  I know that many of you are anxious to see your family and they are also looking forward to seeing you.

As it has been since we entered this unchartered territory, please keep in mind that we will continue to monitor the system and make changes as needed.  Our number one priority is the safety of the residents and the staff.

We are monitoring the IDPH data regarding our region (#10) and will take into consideration the related data regarding the continued reopening of the campus. 

Resident responsibilities

  • Use the Symptom Checker for COVID daily and each time before you leave your apartment – if you develop symptoms, contact your physician and then Nikki
  • Please inform your guests of the visit requirements
  • Please observe the rules below with regard to the visits
  • Do not have visitors into your apartment if you, or a visitor, are not feeling well or have any symptoms of COVID
  • If anyone in your apartment is under quarantine, for any reason, you cannot have visitors.
  • As always, you are responsible for your guests. If guests do not comply with the restrictions, they may not be permitted for future visits.
  • If one of your visitors develops symptoms of COVID-19 within 14 days of the visit, you will be required to quarantine for 14 days after your last visit with them. 


  • Each apartment can have up to 2 guests at a time in their apartment.
  • Residents and guests must maintain social distancing, even in the apartment
  • Residents and guests must wear masks and wash their hands frequently.
  • Visitors are not allowed in the common areas, including the Chapel.
  • Visitors can not have meals in the Dining Room.
  • Visitors can only visit the one apartment on each visit.
  • All visitors must enter through the 825 door and once screened (including temperature) go directly to the apartment.
  • All visitors must sign out at the concierge desk and exit the 825 door.
  • No one under the age of 18 can visit at this time.
  • No college students that have been on a campus with widespread COVID cases are allowed to enter campus.
  • Visitors must report to Clare Oaks if they become ill, develop symptoms or test positive for COVID within 14 days of their visit.

Thank you for your patience as we work out the details – we are all very excited to welcome your families back inside the building!

The Assisi Healthcare Center is following the guidelines from Illinois Department of Public Health with regards to allowing visits, expanded activities and salon services.  The ability to reopen these activities depends on the results of our COVID testing.

We continue to remain vigilant in our protection of all of the residents and staff of Clare Oaks.  Each of you, and your guests that come to visit, are important in our continued success.

Please remember the 3 W’s:

  1.  Wear a mask
  2.  Watch your distance
  3.  Wash your hands

I look forward to all of you being able to spend time with your families and friends.  Thank you for standing together as the great community of Clare Oaks and making good choices to keep our campus, your home, safe.

Gigi Walker


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